SEO is more than just keyword rankings. For SEO to be effective, it's end result is to increase the number of visitors who engage with your site in a way that is meaningful to you. Many SEO services brag about how many keywords you rank #1 for. Those don't matter if they are not bringing the right people to your site. Our approach to SEO is thoughtful, smart and aligned with moving the needle in ways that are important to your organization.


Paying for traffic is an easy way to drive traffic to your site. However, done the wrong way (and it often is) you simply end up paying for traffic to your site that doesn't engage and leaves immediately. At Bold Impressions, while we like a Bold Impression, we care more about lasting and engaging relationships. We use this approach when managing Paid Media campaigns as well. Building good performing campaigns is not a quick fix. It takes a patient and workmanlike approach to optimization. But, more often than not we end up delivering click through rates, conversions and online revenue that far exceed industry averages.


While engaging in social is fun and fashionable it doesn't necessarily deliver engaging traffic to your website. However, that is not where social media's value lies. It's value is in it's unique ability to engage with your audience. Often directly and unfiltered. It can create direct lines of communication and allow your followers to "feel" more connected with you. While the metrics are different our focus is the same: working with our clients to craft social media strategies and content calendars intended to bring your followers closer and amplify your messages and brand through them.



SEO audits, strategy, technical assessments, keyword research, backlink strategies.  We cover all the bases in order to ensure that your site meets Google’s technical expectations and it’s content expectations to deliver your pages as high in the search rankings as possible.   

Paid Search & Social

Simply put, our approach delivers prospects more likely to convert and then we build landing pages that make it easy to convert.  We have successfully managed millions of dollars in digital ad campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads, Google Display, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other digital properties. 

Social Media

With social the rules of traffic generation move to engagement over conversion.  Having clear goals and a clear understanding of how social with amplify your message and brand are key.  We can help lead the conversation, develop the strategy and create a content calendar for execution.

Automated Email Marketing

Automated email campaigns are effort to value one of the best places to spend your organizations time.  If you have a large customer base, member list or group of followers, creating email marketing lists and then generating meaningful content on a regular cadence brings a great return in terms of generating highly engaging interactions.  

Loyalty Campaigns

An extension of email marketing campaigns these are aimed at rewarding the most loyal and dedicated of your followers.  Typically, a reward of free product, special members-only discounts or insider information are offered to members who signup.  These groups are often more accessible and more ready to engage in dialog and conversations such as focus groups.


Referrals from relevant sites are a great source of highly engaged content.  This often ignored strategy involves identifying sites that have related content it would benefit their content to link to yours.  This requires a cadence of research and follow up but has a doubling payoff as it delivers engaged referral traffic while improving your domain authority with search engines.