Your digital marketing isn't done when you finish building your website and your budget shouldn't be either. At Bold Impressions, we are interested in entering into ongoing relationships that help your website grow and thrive over time. Done well, it will be an important asset in your strategy to grow your footprint and meet your goals.


According to Statista, 50% of all Internet traffic is mobile. Websites need to be designed and build with that in mind. Customer Journeys that are as fruitful and easy on mobile as they are on desktop is paramount. Getting your audience to your website is only half the battle. What we really want is for them to engage with your website. Our approach to content modeling helps to inform design that will deliver content in "easily digestible content blocks." This makes your site easier to read, understand and engage with.

wordpress websites that are stable & secure

No, that isn't a typo - we said WordPress Websites that are stable and secure. WordPress carries with it some unfounded baggage about it's qualifications as a website building platform. The majority of that "baggage" is more often than not due to deficiencies in the "experts" that were hired to create and maintain the websites. At Bold Impressions, in addition to skilled designers and developers we have specialists with a background in Information Security and Disaster Recovery. We know the best practices needed to keep any site stable and secure. Not only do WordPress websites not carry an annual licensing fee, but done right also a lower entry fee and lower ongoing maintenance fees. Beautiful, engaging, stable and secure for a lower price - let's get started!



Great photography should not be confused with great design.  While great image assets are needed, what is most needed is the combination of images & videos, headlines, content and calls to action that will best guide your visitor to the information they are looking for.  


Just because you can build something doesn’t mean that you should.  All of our work is done through an evaluation of whether the value derived from the work is worth the effort.  All of our work is built to top 10% Website SEO specifications

WordPress Site Hosting

We believe that all WordPress websites can be stable and secure if cared for properly.  All of our hosting plans include 3 development environments (Production, Staging, and Development) and nightly backups.  We provide web site hosting that include 1 hour per month for any WordPress or plugin updates that your site may require.  

E-Commerce Integrations

We can create brand new e-Commerce stores or optimize existing ones.  Whether it’s WooCommerce, Big Commerce, Shopify or other platform we are ready to help you get your product to market and take your sales to a new level.  

Fully Responsive Websites

We build beautiful sites that function equally well on Mobile, Tablet or Desktop.  We save you money by focusing on design elements that function well in all three environments so that you aren’t wasting money on design concepts that only come to life on the desktop.

ADA Compliance

Providing equivalent web experiences to those with disabilities is not only the law but it is also a huge number of potential visitors to your website.  The Americans with Disability Act has very specific guidelines in place for websites to ensure that everyone has equal access to web content.   We take ADA and WCAG 2.0 guidelines into account with every website we build.