Success Story

Bandle and Zaeske

Website Redesign Services, WordPress Development, SEO, Elementor, Hosting


Bandle and Zaeske came to us looking for website redesign services that would work with their budget. The website no longer represented who they were since it hadn’t been updated for multiple years. It lacked modern design and needed to be refreshed. While the design was no longer representing who they were, they had invested significant time and money in building strong SEO and needed to ensure that the redesign did not cause them to lose the equity that they had built in SEO.


Bandle and Zaeske’s previous website had been built in WordPress. Bold Impressions created a brand new WordPress instance, utilized the same sitemap and content structures, and then went to work redesigning their new more modern and dynamic designs utilizing Elementor. Using this approach, we were able to quickly gain alignment with the partners on a design and templates for the site pages. The end result was a bold and beautiful combination of intuitive design and contrasting colors that presents the firm’s online presence in a way that creates confidence in their capabilities and professionalism.


Bandle asset