Success Story


ReBranding, Website, Woocommerce, Quote Generator


RollnRack came to us with a website that, in their eyes, was beyond repair and were in need of building a store with Woocommerce. They had lost confidence in WordPress and in the Elementor page builder that had been used to build the previous version of the site. They had a deep need to present their product line in an easier and more understandable way. They also dreamed to have a custom automated Quote Generator available on their websites to make it easier for fire departments and fire hose companies to get funding for RollNRack products. They had attempted to do this with their earlier incarnation of their website but the previous developer was unable to accomplish it. We were inspired by RollNRack’s mission to help Firefighters and Fire Departments and we were excited to reignite their hope and make their dreams a reality.


Starting this project off, we had multiple meetings with the CEO to understand and learn the mission and vision behind the company and their product line. We discussed the pain points and vision for the site and gained alignment on an approach for content organization. We were able to make RollNrack’s dreams come to life and prove that the skill and knowledge of a developer is key in making sure the tools serve the purpose they are intended. We built a brand new site that refreshed their branding, and utilized bold vibrant colors to bring attention to and reinforce. After gaining alignment on an approach we had confidence in WordPress and Elementor that they could provide the needs for RollNRack, we continued to build a website that functioned, was secure, user friendly and that also included their dream of an automated Quote Generator. It even is more modern and on brand. We brought their Woocommerce store to life to help not only drive leads but to be able to use their website to execute the sale.